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10 Steps to Growing & Making Coffee – Infographic


For many Americans, our mornings just wouldn’t be the same without a cup of fresh coffee or too. Whether for its energizing effects or pleasant aroma, coffee has become a permanent fixture in the lives of people from all across the globe.

Despite our addiction, many of us have no clue about the delicate, long journey our coffee takes before settling in our cup.From its origins high above beneath the soils of a lush hillside to its roasting, the coffee bean goes through a lot before finally becoming the aromatic beverage we all know and love.

Next time you’re thinking about just how your coffee came to be, do so while sipping a delicious cup of joe from Fortunes Gourmet Coffees. Specializing in gourmet coffee blends and single origin coffee beans, the Pittsburgh Coffee Roasters of Fortunes produce some of the best tasting coffees your money can buy. Shop Fortunes Gourmet Coffee today and taste the difference in quality with every sip.

10 Steps to Growing & Making Coffee

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