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5 Simples Steps to Becoming Your Own Barista


To say coffee is popular in America is an understatement: according to the Huffington Post, the average American worker spends around $1,100 a year on coffee. However, while those in the US may be beholden to the bean, not all coffee is created equal. If it was, Starbucks may have never taken off.

Still, you don’t need to walk into a coffee shop to get gourmet coffees. By using things like specialty coffee roasters and single origin coffee, you can brew a beverage that rivals frappucinos everywhere (and saves you lots of money in the process).

Turn Up the Temp

The first key to making a perfect cup is the temperature. According to the Washington Post, temperature plays a vital role in the kick of the coffee. In short, the water must be hot enough for optimal extraction. Typically, the perfect temperature is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Water that is too cold or too hot will still brew coffee, but it won’t be as flavorful.

Buy Freshly Roasted

Most coffee sold in stores have a roast date on the package: be sure to look for it. If there isn’t one, you might consider buying a different brand. This is because the roast date of the beans is instrumental to the coffee’s taste. Coffee that was roasted less than two weeks ago is good, but coffee roasted less than ten days ago is better. Anything that was roasted over two weeks back isn’t coffee you want filling your cup.

Invest in Good Equipment

Coffee can be expensive, but making your own will always end up cheaper than buying from a café day after day. Still, you’ll need to put some money upfront. In other words, you’ll need to invest in order to get the most out of your cup. The best ways to do this are to buy a good grinder and a specialty coffee roaster. These can cost you a few hundred dollars up front, but drinking at home will help you recoup it. It’s also an investment for your health: loaded with antioxidants, coffee is proving to be instrumental in decreasing the risk of many diseases.

Consider Buying Single-Origin Coffee

Single-origin coffee is a type of coffee that comes from the same place, typically the same farm. The advantage to drinking this type is that you know exactly what you’re getting. If you find a bean you’re particularly fond of, the single-origin coffee allows you to easily go back for more.

Educate Yourself

There are millions of books on coffee that you could spend hours reading (and, in doing so, you’ll probably have to consume a lot of coffee just to stay awake). Or you can take advantage of social media. From coffee associations on Facebook to clever brewing tips perpetually circulating Twitter, the Internet allows you to access a lot of information without spending a ton of time. It can also help you find deals on coffee beans, grounds, and brewing equipment.

Becoming your own barista isn’t hard at all. With the right knowledge and tools at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to better-tasting coffee with every cup. Get started brewing better tasting coffee today by shopping from the gourmet coffee blends and single origin coffee bean offerings from Fortunes Gourmet Coffees. For over 60 years, the Pittsburgh specialty coffee roasters at Fortunes have been delivered café-quality coffee straight to your front door. No matter if you prefer single source coffee beans or flavored gourmet coffee blends,shop Fortunes Gourmet Coffee today for the best selection around.

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