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Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold | Hot v Cold Brewed Coffee

As over fifty percent of Americans incorporate coffee in their everyday lives, a variety of brewing methods are used in order to achieve the perfect caffeinated beverage. Here is an overview of the differences between hot and cold-brewed coffee, so that you can enjoy gourmet coffees in a way that is perfect for you. Taste, Acidity, and BodyCold water tends [...]

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German Music Group Threatens a Whole Bunch of U.S. Coffee Roasters

-They should consider themselves lucky that Fortunes wasn’t on their radar, we could have retained the service of Walter Sobchak to handle these clowns. RIP Donny.Watch how Walter handles things. (18+ for language and violence)Total Wipes, the German music group, is coming in hot! For a couple of months now, Total Wipes has been sending out DMCA (Digital [...]

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"Might as well face it, you're addicted to coffee."

Now, those aren’t Robert Palmer’s lyrics exactly but you get the idea. I find myself singing these lyrics from time to time when I’m enjoying my morning cup of Joe. You don’t usually rejoice about having an addiction, but with coffee it is another story. For years, coffee received a bad rap for being a dangerous addiction. However, with new [...]

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