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Coffee Beans: How Location Effects Flavor


Single origin coffees are premium beans that come from the same source. This means one type of bean, from one area, roasted one way. Single source coffee often even comes from a single farm.

Because the grower can oversee the quality of the coffee beans, the best visions of flavor can be achieved. Due to the consistency in flavors, it is easier to find a distinct, loved flavors when it comes to single source coffee beans.

Coffee beans are typically grown in high altitude, tropical regions that have a temperature of about seventy degrees. The slight changes in these conditions that come from different parts of the world will greatly affect the taste of the coffee. Drinking single origin coffee will allow you to better enjoy the wonderful differences in flavor.

Costa Rica

Single source coffee beans grown in Costa Rica make for a bright and full-bodied cup of coffee. The very best Costa Rican coffee beans are grown and harvested at an elevation of about four thousand feet! One of the more unique types is the Costa Rican Los Lobos. Combining a delicate aroma with an ultra-sweet taste, this coffee is sure to please many.


Coffee from Panama is generally grown on small farmlands surrounded by volcanos and mountains. The high elevation combined with volcanic soil make the grounds ideal for coffee production. With a subtle, lemony taste this coffee makes for a well-balanced flavor profile with dark cocoa undertones.


Colombia is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world, behind only Brazil and Vietnam. Colombian coffee beans are known for being extremely rich, full-bodied, aromatic, and with very bright acidity. The large beans of Columbia’s Excelso offer a uniform roast with a balanced body and medium acidity, a perfect coffee for beginners and enthusiasts alike.


Coffee beans from Mexico make for a brew that is mild, light-bodied, and nutty. Mexican coffee sometimes has notes of chocolate. The High Grown Altura coffee is one of the finest coffees in the country, known for its light body and nutty flavorings.


Guatemala has one of the most diverse climates in the world. Guatemalan Antigua coffee is known for striking a beautiful balance between richness, fullness, and low acidity. Combine this with sweet chocolate overtones for a medium roast that ends with a sweet and fruity aftertaste.


The Indonesian island of Sumatra produces coffee beans with one of the most distinct coffee flavors. Coffee beans from Sumatra contain a rich, earthy, umami flavor that make for a full-bodied cup of coffee with low acidity. Coffee beans from Sumatra are one of the most popular beans to buy from a single source as its esoteric flavor can be counted on.


Hawaii is best-known for its Kona coffee. Kona coffee is grown on a belt that is only one mile wide and thirty miles long! True single origin coffee beans from the Kona district are renowned by coffee lovers for being delicate and mild, with a surprisingly deep aromatic experience. This coffee has low acidity with virtually no bitterness. The quality of these Hawaiian coffee beans come from such ideal climate conditions: sunny mornings, rainy days, clean air, high elevation, and nutrient-dense volcanic soil.


Since Ethiopian coffee beans are harvested from wild trees instead of farms, they produce a deep and richly flavored brew, with a very fruity, full-bodied and acidic taste.

Whether you have a distinct flavor or hope to sample coffee beans from all around the globe, check out the selection of single origin coffee available from Fortunes Coffee. At Fortunes Coffee, we spend hours sampling roasts and taste testing each of our available blends, ensuring our customers get the very best that each bean has to offer.Get your morning started right, try one of our gourmet coffee blends today!

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