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Coffee Brewing Techniques: Perfecting the Pour Over


Coffee lovers around the world can appreciate a delicious and smooth cup of coffee. It is the way millions of people across the world get their days started. If you like to use single source coffee or even gourmet coffee blends then perfecting the pour over may help you enjoy it even more than you already do. This method may even impress those coffee connoisseurs that enjoy one of the most unique cultures of coffee consumption in the world. This guide will help you achieve a great pour over brewing method for having delectable cups of coffee whenever you feel the need.

Items You Need:

You will need the type of coffee you love, a grinder, a scale, a dripper, a kettle, a filter, a timer, and a carafe or cup. These supplies are crucial in perfecting your own pour over method and in giving you the best cup you can. You can often get the supplies at a discount through a favorite supplier if this is your first time doing the pour over method. It is recommended to shop around for quality supplies and finding the best price so you can make your ideal cup of coffee without breaking the piggy bank.

First Step: Boil Water in your Kettle

You will need to boil the water first in your kettle. The amount of water you need will be based on how small or large of a cup you plan on brewing. The common measurement is typically between 600 ml and 700 ml which equals to approximately 20 ounces to 23 ounces. Some people do like the smaller 8-ounce cups for a potentially stronger taste and that is about 237 ml. It is truly up to your personal taste and what you like.

Second Step: Measure Your Beans and Grind

The next step in the process is to measure out your gourmet coffee blends beans. A recommended measurement is around 20 to 30 grams or two to three tablespoons. You can do more or less if you want and that is always up to your personal preferences. While the water is heating in the kettle you will then need to grind the beans with your grinder into fine grounds. They should be the same consistency as small granules of salt.

Third Step: Folding the Filter and Filling

Now that your coffee has been ground you will need to fold the filter and place it in your washed and clean dripper. The next step is to pour half of the hot water into the filter which will also make the porcelain warmer and coat the filter. The rest of the water in the kettle should continue be heated to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. Once it has heated you should wait a minute and then empty your newly warmed cup in preparation for brewing.

Fourth Step: Pouring the Grounds into the Filter and Best Brewing Methods

The fourth step is to pour the fine coffee grounds into the filter and lightly shake. This allows for the grounds to be settled and flattened for an even pouring. Once it has flattened, you should continue pouring the grounds toward the center. Time your pouring to make it last around two to three minutes for best results. Now the single source coffee is ready for consumption and may truly be grand enough for anyone to enjoy.

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