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Coffee to Go: Best Equipment for Better Tasting Coffee When You're Out and About


If you are an avid, coffee drinker, you probably have some high-end machine to prepare the perfect cup of Joe that puts the old Mr. Coffee machine to shame. For many of us, waking up to the perfect cup of home brewed coffee can be the difference maker for the impending day of commuting, meetings, deadlines and navigating life.

What if you are away from home, whether in the office, on the road or on vacation and you will be spending significant time from your favorite coffee appliance? How do you still achieve that great tasting coffee you crave without sacrificing flavor or taking out a second mortgage visiting a local coffee house? Here is some information about compact and convenient equipment that you can have with you when on the go that will help you access that great coffee taste, no matter where you are.

Using a Snow Peak Dripper

One coffee appliance for convenience that you should consider is the snow peak dripper. Snow peak drippers provide you with the perfect brewing station for preparing your single origin coffee beans, those derived from the same region or farmer within an area (e.g. Ethiopian or Sumatra fair trade coffee from the same farmer or group of farms).

The snow peak dripper is extremely versatile and well-suited for the road warrior who needs the perfect cup of coffee. A filter rests inside a folding stand that holds your ground coffee beans. Heat up some water (180-200 degrees Fahrenheit) and place the assembly on top of your favorite on-the-go mug or cup. Pour the water slowly over the beans, allow it to sit a few minutes and voila! You have a hot, delicious cup of coffee.

Skereton Coffee Mills

If you like to grind your own beans, consider investing in a portable Skereton coffee mill for making you on-the-go coffee. The gadget has a small footprint, meaning that it does not require a lot of space and is ideal for producing a single cup of exceptionally tasting brew. Along with a pour over pot, the assembly only requires a small bit of manual labor to grind the beans, transfer to the pour over pot and add hot water. Easy to use and a smart way to get the coffee flavors you love, wherever you are.

3-Cup French Press

Gourmet coffees can be done properly with the use of a French press. Although most coffee connoisseurs have one or two of the larger 8-cup gadgets lying around the house, you can easily store a 3-cup French press in your travel bag for quick access in order to make your coffee when out. A French press works in the same way the snow peak dripper does. Warming the carafe before use helps protect the glass and aid in the brewing process.

Hot water (again 180 to 200 degree in temperature), coffee grounds to taste (more for stronger brews) and time is all you need to operate the press. You will be enjoying a freshly brewed cup within minutes using a French press and again the cost savings you will receive using it will make you almost never spend money at one of those large national chains, except maybe to purchase more single origin coffee beans (think local)!

No matter if you’re out and about or enjoying a cup from the comfort of your own home, add some quality with each sip by purchasing from the selection of flavored and single origin coffee beans from Fortunes Gourmet Coffees. For over 60 years, the specialty coffee roasters of Fortunes Gourmet Coffees have been delivering their exceptionally tasting coffees all across the country straight to your front door. Try one of our expertly crafted gourmet coffees today and start tasting the difference in quality with every cup.

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