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German Music Group Threatens a Whole Bunch of U.S. Coffee Roasters

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-They should consider themselves lucky that Fortunes wasn’t on their radar, we could have retained the service of Walter Sobchak to handle these clowns. RIP Donny.

Watch how Walter handles things. (18+ for language and violence)

Total Wipes, the German music group, is coming in hot! For a couple of months now, Total Wipes has been sending out DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notices to many companies in multiple industries. The notices include specific URLs that they requested to be taken down. They have sent out upwards of 15,000 notices with their most recent round of notices targeted at coffee roasters and retailers.

These seem like senseless attacks on random companies in multiple industries. To me, it seems like some kind of publicity stunt to get people talking about their company. Job well done Total Wipes. Even though you’ve successfully given multiple companies headaches, you got your name out there. No such thing as bad publicity, right? I do love my German heritage, but they have a weird way of getting things done sometimes.

With a coffee rust epidemic and a drought in Brazil, you would think these big coffee companies have enough to deal with. Even though Total Wipes’ notices have all been declined, it is still something the coffee companies need to deal with. Being inconsiderate to gain social awareness seems like Total Wipes doesn’t care how their image looks, just as long as they have their name out in the public. Great name too. It seems like a computer-generated name for a toilet paper company. I’m sure that the targeted coffee roasters have begun to call them “Total Ass Wipes” instead. I know I would.

P.S.- I know little about this company but these people have to be the German nihilists from The Big Lebowski, right? Wouldn’t be surprised if they wrote, “We believe in nothing!” on every notice they send out. Hopefully Walter Sobchak takes care of business again with these nihilists because we know he is going to enjoy his coffee.

“No Donny, these men are cowards.”

P.S.S.- Yes, I use movie references a lot, and they segue into my blogs. More than half of my conversations on a daily basis are movie quotes. 

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