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Grinding Methods for the Perfect Cup of Coffee


When people first start brewing coffee in their home, they may be at a loss as to how finely ground their beans need to be. Some beginners may not even realize that grind size makes a huge difference in the flavor of their coffee. This is true whether they buy cheaper ground coffee or more expensive single source coffee beans.

Yes, grind size is one of the many factors that can affect the flavor of a cup of coffee, but how does it affect it? Why does a cup of coffee made from finely ground single origin coffee beans taste different from one made from a coarse grind? Let's take a look.

Coarse Grind versus Fine Grind

Generally speaking, a finer grind will yield a stronger and more flavorful cup of coffee since more of the beans' surface area is exposed to water. Not only is the coffee stronger with a finer grind, but it won't take as long to brew a pot. A fine grind is essential for making espresso and Turkish coffee, and it works very well with drip coffee makers that use cone shaped filters.

Coarse grinds have the consistency of heavy kosher salt, with the beans broken into larger chunks as opposed to the sandy powder of a fine grind. They won't yield a very strong coffee compared to a fine grind, but brewing with a coarse grind isn't a bad option if you prefer a more mild coffee. Coarse grinds are also ideal for coffee makers that rely on a longer dwell time such as a French press, a plunger press or a percolator. It does take longer to brew a pot of coffee using a coarse grind, but for many the results are well worth the wait.

Using the Right Grinder

Whether you prefer a fine grind or a coarse grind, it's important to grind your beans as evenly as possible. How evenly you grind your beans will depend on whether you use a blade grinder or a burr grinder. Blade grinders are less expensive and will usually produce a good cup of coffee, but most true coffee connoisseurs prefer to use burr grinders. Blade grinders use blades that literally chop up the coffee beans as if they were in a blender. This works well enough for a basic pot of coffee, but it's difficult to get an even grind in this way. On the other hand, burr grinders grind beans much more evenly and have much broader grind adjustments. You can grind your beans as coarsely or finely as you wish.

Making the perfect cup of coffee is often far more difficult than many people realize. Everything from bean quality to grind size can affect your coffee's quality, and it does take some practice and experimentation to get the kind of coffee you want.

Most coffee lovers will agree that being able to make their ideal cup of coffee is worth the effort. The first step to the perfect cup of coffee is making sure you are purchasing the highest quality, best tasting coffee beans available. For all your single origin coffee bean and gourmet coffee blend needs, make sure to shop the selection at Fortunes Coffee. For over 60 years, the team at Fortunes has committed themselves to crafting the perfect blend for coffee drinkers to enjoy. Each blend and batch of coffee beans undergoes hours of sample roasting and taste testing to ensure that customers are getting the finest cup possible. Start your morning off right with a cup made from the highest quality beans and roasts available by shopping at Fortunes Coffee today!

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