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How Do You Take Your Coffee?


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and one of the most amazing things about is the many different ways people like to drink it. Some people like a cup of strong black coffee in the morning, while others load their coffee with cream and sugar. Some people cannot drink coffee that isn't piping hot, while others enjoy iced coffee.

There are perhaps as many ways to drink coffee as there are coffee drinkers in the world. We obviously cannot go through all of them, but these are some of the more common and popular ways people like to take their coffee.


Black coffee - or coffee with no cream or sugar - is for those who love the natural taste of coffee without any added flavoring. Drinking black coffee allows people to pick up on the subtle differences between different kinds of coffee beans, something that is often lost on people who cannot drink coffee without lots of cream and sugar. Black coffee also contains no fat and very few calories, and since there are no additives the effects of the caffeine hits the drinker sooner. It doesn't contain more caffeine, but it feels like it does.

The one problem with black coffee is that it's an acquired taste. It's coffee at its strongest and most bitter, and a lot of people don't appreciate that. A lack of cream and sugar will also allow you to taste any flaws in the coffee, so you will know almost immediately if you have a bad cup of coffee.

Coffee with Sugar

Since pure black coffee is so bitter, many people like to add something to it to sweeten it. This is usually plain white sugar, but it can also be brown sugar, honey or an artificial sweetener. Depending on how much sweetener is added, you could have a mostly-black cup of coffee with a slightly sweet flavor or you could be drinking what amounts to a cup of warm sugar-water with barely a hint of bitterness. It really all comes down to personal taste.

The downside of adding sugar to coffee if you're trying to be health-conscious is that you are getting extra sugar. This translates into adding 16 calories per tablespoon of sugar to your coffee and raising your blood-sugar levels, which can be a problem if you're diabetic.

Coffee with Cream

Adding some cream to your coffee can reduce its bitterness while sometimes enhancing the flavor. There are a few different kinds of creamer you can add to your coffee. Some people like to add skim milk to their coffee to add a smooth, creamy flavor without adding a lot of calories, while others would rather add half-and-half or light cream instead. Still others like to add non-dairy creamer to give their coffee a creamy flavor without adding as many calories. Going with non-dairy creamer may not have the same flavor as milk or cream, but it will cut down on the bitterness of a cup of coffee.

The only problem with cream in coffee is that it does make it more fattening. Exactly how fattening your cup of coffee will be depends on what kind of cream you will use. Whole milk will obviously add more calories than skim milk, light cream or half-and-half, but anything you add will add fat to what was once a no-fat drink.

These are just a few ways that people like to drink their coffee. As we said before, there are countless things that people can do to a cup of coffee. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, so feel free to experiment and try to come up with your favorite cup of coffee.

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