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Keeping Your Coffee Beans Fresh


Most coffee lovers know that the best coffee comes from grinding whole beans. This is true whether you like single origin coffee beans, gourmet coffee blends or cheaper coffee beans. The only problem with preparing coffee from whole beans is that people don't know how to keep coffee beans fresh. Coffee beans can go stale fairly easily, and that defeats the purpose of preparing whole bean coffee in the first place. Fortunately, there are some surprisingly easy ways to keep coffee beans fresh until it's time to grind them for your morning brew.

Keep Your Coffee Beans in Cool, Dark, Dry Places

Keeping your coffee beans fresh means keeping them away from air, moisture, heat and light as much as possible. This means storing them in a cool, dry and dark place. Pantries are usually best for this purpose, but a kitchen cupboard will do if you want to keep your coffee beans in a more accessible place.

Many people like to keep their coffee beans in their refrigerator or freezer, especially if they have a lot of beans that they aren't going to use right away. This may seem like a good idea at first, but coffee really doesn't belong in your refrigerator. Freezing or refrigerating your coffee won't completely ruin its flavor, but refrigerators and freezers have too much moisture for long-term coffee storage. The odors from the surrounding food can also affect the coffee's flavor, especially if your coffee isn't in an air-tight container.

Use an Air-Tight Container

Since air is one of the many enemies of fresh coffee beans, your beans should be stored in an air-tight container, preferably one that is opaque. If you have the right container, you can even store coffee beans on your counter as long as you can re-seal your container when your coffee isn't being used.

Use Your Coffee Beans Quickly

Like any kind of food or drink, coffee beans will start to lose their freshness just after they are roasted. You should be able to get away with keeping coffee beans in your home for a few weeks or longer if you store them correctly, but as a rule coffee beans will produce the best possible coffee if you use them a few days after they are roasted.

If you drink coffee regularly, stick to buying beans in small quantities to ensure that it gets used up quickly. Buy enough coffee beans for two weeks' worth of coffee; any more will just go to waste if you are serious about only drinking fresh coffee.

Keeping your gourmet and single origin coffee beans fresh is just one-step to the perfect home-brewed cup of coffee. No matter how you choose to store your beans, the source of your coffee will ultimately play the most important role in the flavor of your coffee. For the finest roasted coffee around, be sure to check out the extensive selection of single source coffee beans and gourmet coffee blends from Fortunes Coffee. At Fortunes Coffee, we don’t just consider ourselves specialty coffee roasters, but rather coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts devoted to crafting the perfect blend of flavor and quality with every batch. Don’t settle for mediocrity with your home-brewed coffee, shop Fortunes Coffee today for the best taste, flavor and selection of gourmet coffees available.

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