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Road Trip Ready: Brewing Coffee No Matter Where Your Adventures Take You


It’s vacation time, and you’re itching to get away from your job and everyday life to enjoy what the world has to offer. The you look at the counter and see the can of single origin coffee. You sigh, knowing just how much you’re going to miss your morning cup of Joe with every passing day. No hotel or diner can compare with your gourmet coffee blends that you’ve carefully sourced from the finest coffee roasters out there. Don’t stress. Pack up some great traveling tools and get your favorite cup every morning without missing a beat.

Traveling with Coffee Beans

You have to keep your coffee beans in an airtight container that will travel well. Although a small glass or ceramic container would be ideal, it may not be practical. Find a dry bag for backpackers that keeps moisture and air away from your beans, while protecting your clothes from the aroma of coffee. Get fresh roasted beans right before you leave for the best quality. Don’t forget to pack your favorite measuring utensil, an OXO Jigger measures 15 grams (or one-and-a-half ounces) which means you can perfectly scale the amount of coffee you’ll need.

Small Grinders

Traveling with coffee beans means that you’ll need to grind them somehow. Fortunately for the adventurer in all of us, there are a number of mini-grinders on the market that will fit the bill. This little Porlex Burr Coffee Grinder has a stainless steel housing that makes cleanup a breeze. It only weights a little more than eight ounces, and at five inches high packing in even the tightest of travel bags is simple.

Brewing Mechanisms

The Aeropress is one of the best tools for making coffee on the go. You do have to have a source for hot water, but it makes a great cup of coffee in just a few minutes. Because the Aeropress is made of plastics, it is extremely lightweight and the choice of travelers all across the country.

If you don’t prefer the taste of plastic, you should look into a Chemex. This system is more like a drip coffeemaker, without the electrical attachment. You can take it anywhere, but as with the Aeropress, you will need a separate hot water source. The Chemex won’t keep your coffee hot, but it is brewed fresh. Kavabox makes a beautiful travel case for your Chemex, helping to keep its glass components protected while you’re on the go.

If you need a super lightweight method, the Kantan drippers are probably the best choice. These disposable, paper filters fold over your mug, holding the coffee while the water flows through. You still need hot water, but if you’re backpacking for the weekend or flying into unknown coffee territory, it makes an excellent option to add to your brewing arsenal.

A travel kettle for heating hot water not only makes your coffee, but lets you make an oatmeal breakfast or soup for dinner. If your travel companions don’t quite understand your coffee dependency, make them a cup of tea to enjoy while you sip your brew. Take your coffee to go, no matter where the road and your adventures lead you.

Of course, you won’t want to forget to bring your favorite single origin coffee beans along the way! Stock up on a fresh supply by shopping at Fortunes Gourmet Coffees. These Pittsburgh coffee roasters truly understand what makes a quality cup of Joe so special, and their 60-year track record proves it. Start getting your gourmet coffee needs delivered straight to your doorstep no matter where you find yourself and shop Fortunes selection of handcrafted coffees today!

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