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Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold | Hot v Cold Brewed Coffee


As over fifty percent of Americans incorporate coffee in their everyday lives, a variety of brewing methods are used in order to achieve the perfect caffeinated beverage. Here is an overview of the differences between hot and cold-brewed coffee, so that you can enjoy gourmet coffees in a way that is perfect for you.

Taste, Acidity, and Body

Cold water tends to bring out sweeter notes in coffee, but some of the more aromatic and bright notes can only be brought out with hot water. Both brewing methods bring out unique qualities in a single source coffee.

Cold-brewed coffee is much less acidic than conventional hot-brew methods. While hot-brewed coffee has a wonderful crisp flavor to it, cold-brewed coffee goes down much smoother.

Brewing coffee in cold water takes body and viscidity to a whole different level. Cold brewed coffee has a unique syrup texture to it.

The Hot Brewing Method

Brewing coffee with hot water is the most common way to create a cup of joe from specialty coffee roasters. The hot water quickly dissolves the flavors in the beans to provide a strong drink within minutes.

There is still a way to enjoy a ready-to-drink iced coffee if you do not want to lose the flavor qualities of hot-brewed coffee. Simply brew hot coffee on extra strength (twice the amount of beans) and pour over a cup full of ice.

The Cold Brewing Method

Cold-brewing coffee can be done a variety of ways, but one of the easiest ways is to use a nut milk bag. Put a fairly large amount of medium-ground gourmet coffee beans in the bag (approximately four and a half ounces). Place the bag in a two quart pitcher, and then fill this pitcher to the top with cold, filtered water. Let this steep for about twelve hours, remove the bag and give it a squeeze, and then enjoy!

Cold-brewing coffee tends to yield a very concentrated beverage that can be diluted to your preference by water or milk. For those who love milk in their coffee, they will find that cold-brewed coffee is strong enough to take the milk without losing its flavor and richness.

Although this method calls for brewing the coffee in cold water, it can be enjoyed hot as well. To have a hot cup of coffee while still enjoying the taste characteristics of cold-brewed coffee, simply add steaming hot water or milk.

Unlike traditional hot-brewed coffee, cold-brewed coffee does not go stale and can be made in large batches. Although it takes time for the beans to steep, you have the opportunity to enjoy gourmet coffees instantly for the next several days.

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