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The Latest & Greatest in Home Coffee Equipment


According to USA Today, around 83% of Americans drink coffee. That’s an increase of 5% over last year. It’s a huge industry. If you’re one of the millions of people who can’t start their day without your cup of brew, take a look at some of the latest products available for your home use. Become your own barista and get your coffee exactly the way you love it in the comfort of your kitchen. An online coffee store provides many options for you to get the newest products to create the best tasting cup of joe.

Coffee Equipment

The Ratio Eight is a beautiful, innovative coffee maker that blooms your coffee before brewing, making it taste delicious and rich. It is a Chemex machine that doubles as artwork in your kitchen, as it’s handcrafted of walnut, aluminum, and glass.

Mahlkonig makes excellent grinders; the most noteworthy might be the EK 43. It is a burr grinder that gives you a consistent grind, almost as good as the roller-mill grinders used in commercial roasting companies. Enjoy the benefits of fresh ground coffee.

Home espresso machines are making their presence known in the marketplace. La Pavoni Europiccola is a manufacturer that offers a beautiful machine for your kitchen. If you enjoy giving parties where you serve espresso to your guests, become your own barista with this elegant appliance.

For a less expensive brewing method, you probably have heard of a French press, but you can find sediment in your coffee. An innovative new method is the Aeropress, which is similar to the French press, but it uses a micro-filter to keep your brew grounds-free. In just 30 seconds, you can have a double espresso. Add milk for a latte or hot water for an Americano.

Scientists who love their coffee will love the look of the Hario Technica 5-Cup Coffee Syphon. This method of brewing is making a comeback. The water is heated up to just below boiling, and when it turns to gas, it pushes the remaining water into the bulb with the coffee grounds. It almost looks like it is defying gravity. The brewed coffee goes through a filter into your cup. It’s a great conversation piece that provides delicious coffee.

Cold brewed coffee is another trend that many people enjoy. This beautiful Yama 6-8 Cup Cold Drip Coffee Maker is another conversational piece in your kitchen that is functional and innovative. The hand blown glass is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

Whether you prefer single source coffee or specialty gourmet coffee blends, the quality of your coffee beans will make all the difference in the overall taste and quality of your home brewed coffee. One of the best ways to sample a variety of coffees from all over the globe is to sign up got a coffee subscription from a specialty coffee roaster. Signing up for one of these coffee subscriptions is the best way to get freshly roasted coffee beans delivered straight to your door!

If you’re looking to make the most out of every home-brewed cup of coffee, make sure to stock up on the single origin coffee beans and expertly crafted gourmet coffee blends available from Fortunes Gourmet Coffee. Each one of our coffees goes through rigorous taste and quality testing, ensuring our customers receive only the finest coffee available. Check out our selection today and discover why so many of our loyal customers keep coming back for more.

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