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The Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees in the World


If you’re like most Americans, odds are that you are more than willing to spend a few dollars every day for the smooth tasting energy boost of a morning cup of coffee. In fact, coffee is one of the most common found drinks across the globe.

Nowadays, coffee drinkers can select their beans from a variety of brands, countries, flavors and styles. While you may think you’re paying a lot for your current favorite brand, take the time to consider that there are some varieties of coffee that sell for as much as $24 a pound. In fact, some of the most expensive and exclusive gourmet coffee beans sell at well over $100 per pound.

Just because you can’t afford the luxury of some of the world’s most expensive coffees doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice taste. For a consistently smooth, delicious, robust tasting coffee, check out the selection available from Fortunes Gourmet Coffee. For over 60 years, Fortunes has provided thousands of satisfied customers with some of the most expertly crafted blends and artisanal gourmet coffees around. We pride ourselves on not only being coffee suppliers, but coffee drinkers, sampling and taste testing every batch to ensure the quality of beans. From gourmet-flavored coffee to single origin coffee beans, when taste matters, be sure to turn to the experts at Fortunes.

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