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Weighing In: Measuring Your Coffee Ratio


Most coffee drinkers know that the best cup of coffee comes from freshly ground whole beans. Taking gourmet coffee beans and putting them through a grinder before using them to brew your coffee yields the best flavor, but there's more to making a great cup of coffee than simply buying single origin coffee beans and grinding them. You need to know how much coffee to grind and how much water to use. This can be a challenge, and while some people are satisfied just measuring out a tablespoon of ground coffee, the way to get the most out of your coffee beans is to weigh them out before grinding them.

Getting the correct bean-to-water ratio is tough, and you'll probably end up doing some experimentation before you get it just right, but here are some tips that might help you the next time you make a pot of coffee from freshly ground gourmet coffee beans.

Don't Just Use a Tablespoon

The most basic cup of coffee is usually made from one or two tablespoon of coffee grounds. That's all well and good if you aren't that picky, but a tablespoon isn't a very exact measurement and doesn't take the size of the grind into account. A relatively small amount of beans can become a tablespoon of coffee if you go with a coarse grind. If you grind your beans more finely, you'll need more of them to reach a full tablespoon. It's not very accurate, so instead of just spooning up some coffee grounds, weigh out the whole beans you want to use with a kitchen scale. Grinding whole coffee beans obviously doesn't make them weigh any less, so you should by all means weigh your beans before grinding them.

The Right Bean-to-Water Ratio

Once you've weighed out how much coffee you plan to use and ground it to your personal preference, the next step is to determine how much water you need. This will largely depend on how you will be brewing your coffee. If you're using a French press, go with 10 ounces of water for every 25 grams of coffee. Vacuum pots will call for seven to eight grams of coffee for every five ounces of water, as will drip brewers.

Experiment Until You Get it Right

The thing about the "perfect" cup of coffee is that it's different for everybody. You have your own preferences, so experiment with different beans, grind sizes and water ratio until you find something that works for you. Once you find your favorite method of grinding your beans and brewing your coffee, make a note of how you did it and do your best to replicate it every time you brew a pot in the morning. It won't be perfect every time, but you can take pride in the fact that you can brew what you consider the "perfect" cup of coffee.

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